“Halo” from PREY


Another unique creation from PREY, this one piece dress comes in mesh sizing to fit Freya, Isis, Lara, Venus, Hourglass and Slink bodies. The leather harness is attached to the dress and emphasizes your body in all the right places. The mesh mask adds a bit of mystery to any occasion.

Available at [SWANK] and the new PREY main store. Links to each place are included below.

Styling Information

Dress and Mask: “Halo” from PREY

Shoes: “Kasumi” heels from [BREATHE]

Hair: “Lovana Duo” from .EscalateD






“Spartan” from PREY


This offering from PREY pays homage to the Spartans and the spirit that carried them through battle. This outfit includes a mesh breastplate (Lara, HG, Physique, standard sizes 1&2), unrigged mesh pants in standard sizes, a mesh helmet and the body harness which fits Freya, Lara, HG, Physique and Tonic (curvy and slim).

Available at [SWANK] and the new PREY main store.

Styling Information

Breastplate, Mask, Pants and Helmet: “Spartan” from PREY

Shoes: “Megan” tip toe hi-tops from MOoh

Earrings: “Chunky” earrings from PREY Junky Jewelry

Tattoo: “Tay” from Endless Pain Tattoos

[SWANK] events


“Temptress” from PREY


Ladies, THIS is how you heat up your sweetie for Valentine’s Day!! Nobody does it like PREY! The intricately detailed corset comes in standard sizing, one of which is sure to fit your curves. The collar and pasties (heart-shaped of course!) are mesh. The deep red mid-length skirt requires an Omega applier. This unique outfit is sure to catch everyone’s attention when you walk into a room wearing it!

This outfit can be found exclusively at [SWANK]. I’ve included the link below, so be sure to go check it out!

Styling Information

Skirt, Corset, Pasties and Choker: “Temptress” from PREY

Shoes: “Ayame” heels from “BREATHE”

Hair: “Smooches” from Analog Dog

Jewelry: “Dolcestella” from Lazuri

Gloves: “Metallic Design Basics” from *Sweet Tea Couture*


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“Winter Mix-n-Match”

winter scene blogging_001

I *LOVE* mixing up items from different designers to create unique looks for myself! It’s fun, challenging and a great way to expand your wardrobe without having to spend a lot of lindens.

Thank you for viewing my post 🙂


Styling Information

Jacket: “Mallory” by PREY

Skirt: Shiny Leather Pencil Skirt by MCC

Boots: “Princess” by PREY

Stockings: Sheer Hose by Sweet Tea Couture

Hat: “Mademoiselle” by celoe

Hair: “VENT” by LeLutka

Necklace: “Sweet Heart Choker” by Chop Zuey

Purse: “Cherish” clutch by Chop Zuey

“Scarlett” by Glamora

Scarlett by Glamora_001

This outfit features off-the-shoulder long sleeves with ribbon fasteners at the top of them and snug fitting pants with multiple zipper accents. It bares *just enough* to be enticing to anyone who sees you coming their way.

What really sets this outfit apart is the almost endless color combinations available via the HUDS! The top and ribbons have 12 color options each, the pants have 4, and the metals have 2! With all of those colors available, this outfit can be styled to reflect any mood or fit in any occasion.

Available in sizing for Maitreya Lara (shown here) and Slink Hourglass.

Styling Information

Top and Pants: “Scarlett” by Glamora

Shoes: “Liaison” by Maitreya Gold

Hair: “Anzu” by *ARGRACE*

GLAMORA Mainstore

“Suzie” and “Rae” by Glamora

Susie by Glamora

What a great combination! Suzie is a one-piece mini dress with plaid patterned bodice, daring vee neck, long sleeves, solid black skirt and belt accent. Rae boots feature clever cutouts and metal buckles. Each piece on its own is beautiful, but together they can’t be beat!

The Suzie dress comes in four color options: Green, Orange, Pink, and Red. It is available for Maitreya Lara (shown here) and Slink Hourglass.

Rae ankle boots have a 12 color HUD and are available for Maitreya Lara (shown here) and Slink feet.

Styling Information

Dress: “Suzie” by Glamora

Boots: “Rae” ankle boots by Glamora

Hair: “Koma” by *ARGRACE*

Necklace: “Blood and Tears” by The Last Finds

Hose: Truly Sheer Hose with Line detail by *Sweet Tea Couture*

GLAMORA Mainstore



“Chrispy” by PREY

Chrispy by PREY_002

Smart and chic “Chrispy” will keep you warm in style when the temperatures drop. Form fitting jeans are always a classic for any weather. The jacket is a lovely chocolate brown with fur lining and accents colored to blend with the jeans. An off-center zipper, belt tie and neck buckle make sure that no stray chilly breeze will find it’s way into the jacket.

The jacket comes in standard mesh sizes XXS-L. The jeans come in sizes for Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Lara, Physique and Venus.

All items shown here on the Maitreya Lara body.

Styling Information

Jeans and Jacket: “Chrispy” by PREY

Shoes: “Liaison” by Maitreya Gold

Hair: “Koma” by *ARGRACE*

PREY Mainstore

“Carmelita” by PREY

Carmelita by PREY_001

This gorgeous gown will make you feel like celebrating! The one shoulder style is flattering for any figure and the deep green color is stunning. The heavy gold embroidery catches the light with each move you make, as does the deep ruffle skirt. The dramatic headpiece is a mix of blue and green feathers and jewels.

Available in standard mesh sizes XXS-L.

Shown here on a Maitreya Lara body.

PREY Mainstore

“Halloween Goth Dress” by Glamora

halloween goth dress

This gothic themed dress features a sweetheart neckline, long sleeves and an asymmetrical hemline. While shown here for Halloween season, this dress is an option for anytime you feel like expressing your dark side. Shown here on the Maitreya body.

Styling Information

Dress: “Halloween Goth Dress” by Glamora

Boots: Over the Knee Boots by Glamora

Stockings: Sheer hose with lines by *Sweet Tea Couture*

Hair: “Aneta” by *TKW*

Jewelry: “Blood and Tears” by Last Finds


“Demonica” by Glamora

Demonica Gown_001halloween headshot_001

This strapless gown hugs every one of your curves from the bodice to the floor! It comes in a vibrant purple color and is appropriately textured for the Halloween season. Thank goodness the spiders on this creation don’t bite! The included wings make an impressive and dramatic statement.

The gown is compatible with TMP and Maitreya bodies (shown here on Maitreya).

The second photo shows a closeup of the wing texture and the hair accessory/spider. Hair accessory and spider NOT included with gown.

Styling Information

Gown: “Demonica” by Glamora

Hair: “Arachne” by *TKW*

Shoes: “Melinda” by Morgan W.

Jewelry: “Goddess” by Chop Zuey